The menu'

Come and try the dishes made as tradition wants, with the best ingredients, specially selected.

 The menu


    Mixed antipasto of typical cured meats

    Mixed norcine bruschetta

    Carpaccio of lonzino

    Shepherd's crouton

    Mixed "Taverna" appetizer

    The farmer's basket

    Boar Carpaccio of the truffled Park

    Scrambled egg with Norcia black truffle

    "Chef" appetizers tasting

    Typical mixed cheeses

    First dishes

    Gnocchetti with Norcina

    Gnocchetti with Norcina truffle

    Gnocchi of the "Chef"

    Tagliatelle with wild boar ragout

    Gnocchi of the "Chef"

    Gnocchi with cream of asparagus

    Dadolata of polenta pasticciata with bacon and truffle

    Butter and sage ravioli with Nero di Norcia

    Ravioli with porcini mushrooms

    Porcini ravioli and truffle

    Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms

    Porcini noodles and truffle

    Spaghetti with truffles

    Spelled soup and typical vegetables with truffles

    Second courses

    Grilled lamb

    Grilled of mixed meat

    Carpaccio of the "Chef"

    Escalope with porcini mushrooms

    Castelluccio lentils with grilled sausage


    Sliced fillet of rocket and porcini mushrooms

    Grilled fillet

    Fillet with green pepper

    Fillet with truffled gorgonzola

    Fillet with lard d'Arnaud and truffle

    Fillet with reduced balsamic vinegar

    Fillet with Massari (porcini mushrooms and truffles)

    Fillet berries and Sagrantino di Montefalco

    Sliced beef with rocket

    Cut with flakes of Parmesan and balsamic

    Cut with pachino and parmesan

    Pecorino honey, walnuts and truffle

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