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Most of the products used in our kitchen are Km "0"

they come exclusively from local companies, rooted in our territory, in the territory of the Sibillini Mountains National Park.

The Lentil of Castelluccio i.g.p.
Il Farro di Monteleone d.o.p.
The Prosciutto di Norcia i.g.p. and all the norcinerie
Cheeses and artisanal honey
Il Tartufo: undisputed king of the Ns. recipes
Mushrooms and many other local specialties ready to enhance our dishes.

The Lentil of Castelluccio I.G.P.

The history of this legume is very old. It is cultivated in the highlands of Castelluccio, at a height of 1500 meters. The quantity produced is limited; it is a legume that is not treated for conservation because it is born in harsh climatic conditions and is not attacked by insects and larvae.
After being sown in June, it blooms in the splendor of the Piana di Castelluccio: the famous flowering of Castelluccio.
The harvest takes place in July and the threshing in August.

Our dishes: Lentil soup, Lentils with Norcia sausages, Lentil cream with crispy bacon and truffle

Lenticchia IGP di Castelluccio
Il Farro di Monteleone d.o.p.

Il Farro di Monteleone D.O.P.

It is a cereal that is sown according to the lunar phases and the climate in the months of February and March.
The conditions of the production area, with soils that prevent the stagnation of water in the wet seasons, contribute to make this cereal unique.
It can be eaten as a first course, as a side dish or as a side dish and is also used for desserts (pies or cakes of various kinds). 

Our dishes: Grana basket with spelled salad with balsamic, spelled soup and legumes, Farrotto with porcini mushrooms.

I.G.P. Prosciutto of Norcia

I.G.P. Prosciutto Norcia gives the best of if cut with a knife, has a "pear" appearance. It is salted dry and left to rest for about 20 days. after salting it is washed and dried in special rooms and then transferred to aging rooms for 18 months. In 1977 he received the geographical indication protected by the European Community. Other specialties of our master Norcini are: pork and wild boar salami, capocollo, the lonzino, the mule balls, the pancetta, the pork cheek, etc.

Our dishes: Norcia ham with local pecorino cheese - Mixed antipasto of typical cured meats - Carpaccio of lonzino pears and parmesan cheese - Loin carpaccio with artichokes and truffles 

Il Prosciutto IGP di Norcia
Il tartufo Nero di Norcia

The truffle

It was considered food of the Gods, with aphrodisiac powers, for this used by the ardent Jupiter. The truffle was always present on the table of the famous Lucullus, a man of proverbial stravizi. Caterina De Medici is credited with having made it known to the French court. Lucrezia Borgia seems to use it to increase its "luciferian" charm. The musician Gioacchino Rossini called it "the Mozart of mushrooms".

Some of our dishes: wild boar carpaccio with truffle, shredded egg with truffles, spaghetti with black truffle from Norcia, gnocchi with gorgonzola and truffle, porcini beef fillet and truffle, ricotta tiramisù with truffle

General Information on Black Truffle

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadinis (Precious Black Truffle)
The peridium (outer rind) has a slightly black warty surface. The gleba (interior) has a brown-black color and is crossed by a network of whitish veins. From December 1st to March 15th
 Tuber Uncinatum (Uncinato Truffle)
The peridium has a black warty surface. The dark hazelnut gleba has numerous clear branched veins. From October 1st to December 31st
Tuber Aestivum (Summer Truffle or Scorzone)
The peridium is black with a surface characterized by large protruding warts, characteristics of this variety. The gleba is hazelnut with whitish veins. From 23 May to 31 August
The aromas of "real" black truffles are never the same.
The variability depends on the type of truffle, the sun, the rains and the temperatures during the ripening period, the characteristics of the land in which it was "cavato", exposure to the sun and trees nearby.
Quality black truffles can have different aromatic intensities, this is proof of their absolute naturalness
Truffle aroma does not mean presence of truffles.
The non-expert consumer is often deceived by products coming from chemical synthesis, which emanate very strong "smells".
Today these chemical flavoring, very common in restaurants and in many food products all over the world, tend to build in consumers an idea of aromas and flavors of black truffles different from real ones. The Academy defends and promotes only the true black truffle.
How naturally the aroma of the black truffle is amplified
The extra-virgin olive oil preserves and enhances the authentic aromas of the truffle.
The "black" to best express its potential must be grated, immersed in extra virgin olive oil and then heated. The aromatic molecules of the truffle naturally tend to dissolve in the oil instead of dispersing.


    The cheeses of the Sibillini Mountains National Park are varied: Pecorino di Norcia, ricotta, goat cheese, mixed cheese with walnuts or chilli, etc.

    Our dishes: Tasting of typical mixed cheeses, Pecorino honey, walnuts and truffles, Scamorza with truffles

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